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Monday, December 31, 2007

Me, and you. My name is John Harrington, and I’ve been making pictures for over 17 years in Washington DC and around the world. You can read my bio on my JohnHarrington.com website, to get the lowdown on me further.

I like this stuff. I like the negotiating process, and I want it to be a fair exchange or benefits received, for payments made. I get upset when I feel as if I am being taken advantage of, or if I see a friend of colleague about to be taken advantage of. Further, part of the reason that many clients demand all-rights/buyouts/and so forth, is because they may have been held hostage by an unethical photographer who refused to extend a license unless an exorbitant fee was paid.

Your Turn:

So, how would you estimate this assignment? Do you have all the answers/information, either from the client, or me, to provide an estimate? Please give it some thought, and post your estimate details. As you learned in math class - 'show your work'. In other words, don't just present a single dollar figure. Break it out, creative/usage together (or separate, your call), and outline expenses, both probable and possible.

Setting aside how your estimate would be nicely and neatly laid out, put the crux of the estimate in your entry.

All entries are moderated. Your entry must be thoughtful, (and considerate of others when you're making a response) for it to be approved.

Posted by John Harrington on 12/31

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