Available Light Shoot of Youth

Friday, January 04, 2008

The following request came in for a colleague of mine, and I put it up for your consideration and collective wisdom.

Client's Request:

I have a shoot that will be 4-6 hours.  It’s a shoot of children in an educational environment, more than likely using available light, to shoot storytelling images of these youth, and the end client is a governmental-type organization, available light, no studio lights. While the youth may well need model releases, that is not your responsibility from a cost standpoint.  I estimated 6 hours at $X for the shoot, and $X for post production. 

What would you charge for the shoot fee, unbundled from the scope of usage since there is still a degree of unknown as it pertains to the final use, and further, the photographer is concerned about scaring the client away with huge bundled fees. Further, the photographer believes they could trim what usage they didn’t need or want from their budget and he would still get a good rate to shoot and an additional revenue on specific licenses as they are determined.


varliable. Next week or two.

Licensing Requested:

The client has requested usage of collateral with a press run of 3,500-5,000 pieces.

The usage fee for collateral should be $X per image, quoted using the figure of a press run of 5000.

The client has requested web usage for one year one their company’s home page. The fee for the home page usage should be $X, and for subsequent images on a second tier page was $X.

Your Turn:

So, how would you estimate this assignment? Do you have all the answers/information, either from the client, or me, to provide an estimate? Please give it some thought, and post your estimate details. As you learned in math class - 'show your work'. In other words, don't just present a single dollar figure. Break it out, creative/usage together (or separate, your call), and outline expenses, both probable and possible.

Setting aside how your estimate would be nicely and neatly laid out, put the crux of the estimate in your entry.

All entries are moderated. Your entry must be thoughtful, (and considerate of others when you're making a response) for it to be approved.

Posted by John Harrington on 01/04
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