A Stock and Assignment Pitch Opportunity

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An inquiry came in from a photographer looking to make available his images to a small but well-heeled contingent of sports enthusiasts.

Client's Request:

The photographer made observations at a recent trade show for these enthusiasts that the photographic imagery that the people he was trying to buy from was poor, and could use improvement. Further, a review of the local sports shops dedicated to this field determined that the photographer could pitch assignments to them of their storefronts and interiors.



Licensing Requested:

The photographer would like to make his stock images available to these customers for trade show booth displays, but he did not specify duration. For the purposes of this dialog, let’s suggest three years.

The photographer would like to know what package price he should offer to produce and deliver a storefront image, and interior images. For the sake of this discussion, let’s submit that the production is limited to one storefront image and four interior images.  The usage for these should be trade-show booth advertising, for three years, and for a press run of up to 10,000 to include all the images in a brochure that the store would use.

Since you are pitching the idea to these stores, it’s got to be a simple figure they can understand, and you have to accept that some stores will be easier to photograph than others, and to come up with a single figure that will apply for your pitch. You’ll want to offer the stock images as a single price, with perhaps a percentage discount if the prospective client books the photography for the shop.

Your Turn:

So, how would you estimate this assignment? Do you have all the answers/information, either from the client, or me, to provide an estimate? Please give it some thought, and post your estimate details. As you learned in math class - 'show your work'. In other words, don't just present a single dollar figure. Break it out, creative/usage together (or separate, your call), and outline expenses, both probable and possible.

Setting aside how your estimate would be nicely and neatly laid out, put the crux of the estimate in your entry.

All entries are moderated. Your entry must be thoughtful, (and considerate of others when you're making a response) for it to be approved.

Posted by John Harrington on 01/16
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